sjur miljeteig trumpet

Finally, after twenty years in the business and fifty albums with different 
artists, in addition to composing music for tv, films and theater, Sjur 
Miljeteig has recorded his first album as a solo artist.

The album can be filed under a wide specter of genres, strongly coloured by the musical heroes of Miljeteig´s childhood. The album is an attempt to recreate the epic synth aesthetics from the 80s with the cheering enthusiasm of the genre breaking independent music scene of the 2010s. To blow life into this Frankenstein monster Miljeteig adds red blooded modal jazz from the 60s, a touch of Messiaen and programmed LinnDrum beats à la Prince.

Sjur Miljeteig was born in Oslo, Norway in 1974. At the age of eight he got his first trumpet, and bought his first records: David Bowie’s “Scary 
Monsters”, Talking Heads’ “Remain in Light” and a “Best of Louis 

In 1994, after graduating high school, he entered the Norwegian jazz scene with his own band, Jax. The other members were Håvard Wiik, 
Ingebrigt Flaten and Peder Kjellsby, and they played music strongly 
influenced by Miles’ quintet from the 60s.

At the same time, the electronic club scene in Oslo was growing strong and a few years later the legendary concert venue Blå was born. Blå was a place where jazzmusicians and DJs met, and Miljeteig, along with musicians like Nils Petter Molvær and Håkon Kornstad, became one of the central figures in this new musical environment. He began playing with Jaga Jazzist and met the singer Solveig Slettahjell. The meeting with Slettahjell led to a very close musical companionship still going strong, 
involving Miljeteig not only as a trumpeter, but also a composer and 

Together with partner Peder Kjellsby he started the studio IS IT ART in the deep Swedish woods. Here they have produced records for other artists in addition to their own productions, such as “Burglar Ballads” (Friko 2003) which made it to the Top 100 of a “best Norwegian records of all times”-list in the high-brow paper Morgenbladet.

The album is in its entirety created by Miljeteig, from writing to mixing, with the exeption of some guitarparts played by Olav Torget and drums played by Peder Kjellsby.

Sjur Miljeteig´s solo debut “It´s funny how things happen at particular times” is out in digital stores in all countries with access to internet. You may also purchase the vinyl or/and cd-version here. The album has been released in Norway to rave reviews and will be introduced in several other countries as well at the end of the year and on the new year (2014).

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